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Yes, we are an NDIS registered provider. We have access to the portal so we can service and support NDIA/agency-managed participants.

However, we are also able to support and service self and plan-managed participants. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

For NDIA/agency-managed participants, we are approved and registered to provide:

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  1. Household Tasks
  2. Travel & Transport
  3. Therapeutic Supports
  4. Community Participation
  5. Assistive Technology
  6. Custom Prosthesis 

For self and plan-managed participants, we are able to provide services including the above groups, and more!

Please get into contact with us to find out more.

All you need to do is get into contact with us to start your join up. We will ask for a copy of your NDIS plan, you can either e-mail it to us or provide us with a hard copy. We will organise an appointment for you to come into the office or for us to come and see you in your home. From there we will organise a service agreement including what supports and services you require, including the funds we will allocate for that service or support. We will also ask you for your goals or tasks you would like to engage in. Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure your service agreement with us is up to date and valid.

At the time of you signing a service agreement with us, a support worker would have handed you a hard copy of:

  1. Participant feedback form
  2. Participant complaint form

Feel free to fill out the appropriate form and e-mail it back to us on: [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to hand the filled out form in hard copy to your support worker.

If you have misplaced your hard copy, please feel free to contact us, and we can either hand you another hard copy or e-mail you another copy of the form you require.

We will endeavour to address your feedback or complaint in a timely manner. Please be advised, that incidents which include serious injury, abuse or neglect, sexual misconduct, sexual grooming or use of restrictive practices will need to be reported to the NDIS commission (within 5 days of receiving the incident report).

We ask that you provide 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling appointments where possible. However we know the unexpected can often happen, so a courtesy phone call if you are going to miss or cancel an appointment is always appreciated.

An appointment which is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice, may incur a 90% of invoice cancellation fee which is stipulated within our policy and procedures. No-show appointments will also incur a fee, which is charged at 100% of the booked invoice. We have put this cancellation policy in place to make it fair for other participants who are waiting for an earlier appointment.

Yes, we follow the NSW healths regulations and sterilise ALL our instruments after use. This ensures we kill all germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus before we use the instruments on our patients. This lowers the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Disability Health Point adopt industry standard best practices to ensure the safety and care of our participants at all times.

Yes, we do offer home visits, including for nursing homes for Fairfield and surrounding suburbs for patients who are home-bound or find it difficult to leave the home due to age, illness or disability. A travel fee does apply depending on your home location and is charged at NDIA rates. More information can be found by clicking here.

As registered NDIS provider, we are required to abide by our responsibility to maintain participant confidentiality and privacy unless advised otherwise by the participant or in occasions where requested by law. We ensure to protect all information and details provided to us by our participants. Unless advised by you, your information will not be shared with anyone else unless legally required to do so. We ensure to abide by the NDIA national regulations.

Services or supports mean the appointment you book with us or one of our workers, and the associated fees with that service. We provide as much information about the services we provide on your service agreement and plan, our website, over the phone, via e-mail and other communication modalities to ensure our participant make an informed choice prior to booking one of our services.


Our service fees comprise a range of tasks, which may include but is not limited to: Risk assessment, history taking, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, education, clinical notes, referral letters, treatment plans, reports and administration.


We charge based on the NDIS price guide. However, some of our fees may also reflect assistive technology or custom prosthesis (such as custom foot orthotics) which are invoices as per item or pair. Therefore we DO NOT offer refunds for the service and/or time we have provided for you.


If you believe that a service does not meet your expectations or addressed your concerns please let us know A.S.A.P. This will give us the opportunity to offer you another service or discuss your concerns.


Please note: We reserve the right to refuse to offer you another service if we believe your request is unreasonable.

At Disability Health Point we provide a range of medical devices and assistive technology. These can include, but are not limited to; custom-made and prefabricated foot orthotics, ankle-foot orthoses (AFO), ankle braces, wheel chairs, walking frames, shower chairs, walking sticks and canes, alternative keyboards, medical or custom footwear, screen magnifying software, voice recognition software, iPads and tablets, and more.


Medical devices we provide come with no ‘guarantee’ of successful treatment of your condition or a positive outcome.


Medical conditions are often complex. There may be many unforeseen circumstances where a medical device or assistive technology has not achieved a successful outcome.


We therefore believe it is inappropriate and DO NOT offer a refund for any assistive technology or medical devices.


If you are unhappy with an assistive technology or medical device that we have provided, we encourage you to contact us A.S.A.P. We will make every attempt to resolve your concerns.


Please note: We reserve the right to refuse a refund, repair, or replacement if we believe your request is unreasonable. 

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